Medical relating to or concerned with physicians or the practice of medicine. Medicine is the field of health and healing. It includes nurses, doctors, and various specialists. It covers diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, medical research, and many other aspects of health. Academic Task has 4000 plus medical MCQs and answers with detailed explanations for medical exam preparation and test. MCQs of Medical covers the topic like basic sciences, clinical sciences, principle and practice of medicine, intensive care medicine MCQs, Nursing MCQs, Medical devices, Physical and occupational therapy – and much more. Also, check MCQ on Biochemistry here.

21 ______ is the partial or complete wasting away of a part of a body.
(A) Atrophy
(B) Leprosy
(C) Tetanus
(D) Noma

22. Which of the following statements is true about drug Imodium?
(A) Slows the rate at which the stomach and oesophagus move
(B) Encourages water and electrolytes reabsorption
(C) Decrease density of stools
(D) None of these

23. Hypovolaemia can be treated by:
(A) Oral replacement solution
(B) 5% dextrose
(C) Colloid Solution
(D) 0.6% Saline

24. Effects of having Thiamine deficiency are:
(A) Muscle weakness
(B) Central nervous system and Cardiovascular problems
(C) Heart disease and Beri beri disease
(D) All of these

25. When the Cardiac output decreased?
(A) On standing up
(B) On cutting the vagus nerves to the heart
(C) As a consequence of decreased pressure in the carotid sinus
(D) By increasing the end-diastolic volume of the heart

26.Name of a bacterial disease with oral manifestations is:
(A) Measles
(B) Chicken pox
(C) Beri beri
(D) Diphtheria

27. In which of the following disorders multinucleated giant cells are least likely to be found?
(A) Streptococcus pneumonia
(B) Sarcoidosis
(C) Blast mycosis
(D) Autism

28. Painless oral ulcers are associated with:
(A) Primary herpes
(B) Primary syphilis
(C) Secondary herpes
(D) Secondary syphilis

29. Rigidity of facial muscles Rictus grin is associated with:
(A) Leprosy
(B) Tetany
(C) Tetanus
(D) Actinomycosis

30. Noma is the name of complications of the infection:
(A) Vincent angina
(B) Beri beri
(C) Tooth infection
(D) None of these