591. Which of the following methods is adopted for screening HIV infection ?
A. Virus isolation
B. Western blot followed by ELISA
C. ELISA followed by western blot technique
D. Polymers chain reaction

592. Enterically transmitted NANB hepatitis B?
A. Hepatitis C
B. Hepatitis D
C. Hepatitis E
D. Hepatitis F

593. True about immune response of hepatitis B is?
A. Antibody of HBs Ag is associated with resistance to infection
B. Antibody to HBC is not protective
C. Highest titres of anti HBC are found in persistent carriers of HBs Ag
D. CMI disappears soon after recover

594. The best way of detecting the presence of viruses in the infected cell – culture is?
A. Cytopathic changes in culture cells
B. Presence of viral protein in the infected monolayer
C. Haemagglutination test
D. Haemagglutination inhibition test

595. In HIV, gp 120, envelope glycoproteins bind specifically to?
A. CD8 T-cells
B. CD4 T-cells
C. B – cells
D. NK – cells

596. The small nonparticulate protein leading to enhanced replication of HBV as well as HIV is?
A. HBc Ag
B. HBs Ag
C. Hbe Ag
D. HBx Ag

597. patients with organ transplants are most frequently infected with?
A. Hepatitis A
B. Hepatitis B

598. EBV is responsible for all except?
A. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma
B. Burkitt’s lymphoma
C. Hepatoma
D. Infectious mononucleosis

599. Most common tumor associated with AIDS is?
A. Carcinoma
B. Kaposi’s sarcoma
C. Melanoma
D. Ewing’s sarcoma

600. The overall effect of HIV is to gradually impair the immune system by interference with?
A. Helper T lymphocytes
B. Natural killer cells
C. Plasma cells
D. Macrophages