1181. Ora antidiabetic of choice in renal failure is _______

A. Tolbutamide *
B. Glipizide
C. Chlorpropamide
D. Metformin

1182. In Multiple myeloma best indicator of program is __________.

A. B2 Microglobulin *
B. Plasma cell concentration in marrow
C. Level of Ca++
D. Level of Bencezone protein.

1183. Generalised Lymphadenopathy may be seen in__________.

A. Primary syphilis
B. Secondary Syphilis *
C. Tetiary syphilis
D. In all stages of Syphilis.

1184. Which is not seen in prophyria?

A. Fever
B. Leucocytosis
C. Haematuria *
D. Abdominal Pain

1185. All are features of ARDS except________.

A. Hypoxemia
B. Hypercarbia *
C. Pulmonary edema
D. Stiff lung

1186. False about diabetic ketoacidosis.

A. low dose IV insulin is the treatment
B. Leucocytosis suggests infection *
C. Prexia unusual even in presence of infection
D. Dehydration out of proportion to vomitting.

1187. HbA1c etimation indicates blood sugar level in prior_________.

A. 2-4 Weeks
B. 4-6 Weeks
C. 8 Weeks *
D. 12 Weeks

1188. Drugs used to prevent gout are all except_________.

A. Aspirin *
B. Probenecid
C. Allopurinol
D. Sulfinpyrazone

1189. All the following are disease modifying agents for rheumatoid arthritis except________.

A. Penicillamine
B. Gold
C. Chloroquine
D. Naproxeon. *

1190. Felty’s syndrome consists of all except_______________.

A. Rheumatoid arthritis
B. Neutropenia
C. Splenomegaly
D. Lymphadenopathy. *