1391. Macrocytes in peripheral smear indicate all except ___________.

A. Liver disease
B. B12 folate deficiency
C. Aplastic anaemia
D. Renal Failure *

1392. Abnormal schilling test which persists after intrinsic factor is given suggests________.

A. Blind loop *
B. Gastrectomy
C. Pernicious anaemia
D. Defective marrow.

1393. Laboratory findings in DIC are all except ___________.

A. Thrombocytopenia
B. Increased PT
C. Increased PTT
D. None of the above *

1394. DIC in pregnancy is due to ___________.

A. Amniotic fluid embolism
B. Abruptio placentae
C. Intrauterin fetal death
D. All of the above *

1395. All are true of ITP except__________.

A. Autoimmune
B. Increased clotting time *
C. Steroid beneficial
D. Splenectomy indicated

1396. Treatement of choice in hairy cell leukemia is __________.

A. Pentostatin *
B. Alfa interferon
C. Steroid
D. Dactinomycin

1397. Not in seen cushing’s syndrome is _____________.

A. Hypokalemai
B. Hypoglycemia *
C. HypertensionD
D. Psychosis

1398. Thyroid carcinoma with Pulsatile skeletal metastasis is ______.

A. Papillary
B. Follicular *
C. Medullary
D. Anaplastic

1399. Monitoring of treatment in hypothyroidism is by __________.

A. T3
B. T4
C. TSH *
D. rT3.

1400. SIADH is seen in all except _________.

A. Head Injury
B. Oat cell carcinoma of lung
C. Acute encephalitis
D. Emphysema. *