2851. The one does not forming membrane in pharynx is ______________.

A. Staph aureus *
B. Corynebacterium
C. Candida
D. Vincent organism

2852. Which of the following is not premalignant __________.

A. Rhinosporidiosis
B. Rhinoscleroma
C. Atrophic rhinitis
D. Submucoasal fibrosis *

2853. True of ludwig’s angina is ___________.

A. Cellulitis floor of mouth
B. Infection spreading from rot of tooth
C. Caused by anaerobes and gramves
D. All of the above *

2854. Most common cause of epistaxis in children is _________.

A. Habitual nose picking *
B. Nasal allergy
C. Common Cold
D. Polyp

2855. Intratemporal lesion of chorda tympani results in ___________.

A. Sensory loss ant 2/3 of tongue
B. Taste loss in post 1/3 tongue
C. Loss of secretion from submandibular gland *
D. All of the above

2856. Rhinosclerima is treated by __________.

A. Streptomycin *
B. Belomycin
C. Cholramphenicol
D. Prednisolone

2857. In the throat of an adult, usually not seen is __________.

A. Haemophilus
B. Streptococcus
C. E.Coli *
D. Neisseria

2858. Otosclerosis can be prevented by ______________.

A. Steroid
B. Antibiotic
C. Vitamin E
D. Fluoride *

2859. An U sharped audiogram suggests____________.

A. Otosc lerosis
B. Adhesive otitis media
C. Congenital deafness *
D. Wax

2860.Laser used for micro surgery of ear is _________.

A. Argon *
B. ND yag
C. CO2