1101. Opacity around colonies of CI Perfringens is due to __________.

A. Theta toxin *
B. Lecithinase
C. Cytotoxin
D. Hyaluronidase

1102. Opsonization is by _____________.

A. IgA
B. IgG
C. IgM *
D. IgE.

1103. Example of negative staining is ______________.

A. Gram stain
B. Fontana stain
C. India Ink *
D. Z.N.Stain

1104. Diesease transmitted by ingestion of eggs is ______________.

A. Trichuriasis
B. Dracunculiasis *
C. Hydatidycyst
D. Strongyloides

1105. Aedes aegyptics doesnot cause______________.

A. Dengue
B. Yello Fever
C. Filariasis *
D. Chickengunya fever

1106. Tyndalization is a type of _____________.

A. Intermittent sterilization *
B. Pasteurization
C. Boiling
D. Autoclaving

1107. Ebola virus is _____________.

A. Reo Virus
B. Filo Virus *
C. Arbo Virus
D. Arena Virus

1108. The gene coding for core of HIV IS ___________.

A. Gag
B. Env
C. Pol
D. Tat. *

1109. SSPE is associated with ______________.

A. Polio
B. Measles *
C. Chicken Pox
D. Herpes

1110. The largest trematode infecting man is ___________.

A. F. Hepatica
B. F. Buski *
C. E. granulosus
D. C. Sinensis