2721. Grommet tube is used in __________.

A. Glue ear
B. Cholesteatoma

2722. Most common complication of mastoi-dectomy is ___________.

A. Cerebral thrombosis
B. Facial palsy *
C. Deafness
D. Cranial thrombophlebitis

2723. Most common post operative complication of tonsillectomy is __________.

A. Infection
B. Bleeding *
C. Palatal palsy
D. Aspiration

2724. Trotter’s triad is seen in ______________.

A. Angiofibroma
B. Nasopharyngeal cancer *
C. Volcalcord palsy
D. Laryngeal malignancy

2725. All the following open into middle meatus except ____________.

A. Nasolacrimal duct *
B. Maxillary sinus
C. Frontal sinus
D. Ethmoidal air cells

2726. Arnold’s nerve is a branch of __________.

A. Vagus *
B. Glossopharyngeal
C. Facial
D. Accessory

2727. Little’s area is mainly supplied by all except __________.

A. Septal braneh of superior labial artery
B. Nasal branch of spheno palatine artery
C. Anterior ethmoidal artery
D. None of the above *

2728. Stapedial reflex is mediated by ___________.

A. V and VII nerves
B. V and VIII nerves
C. VII AND VI nerves
D. VII AND VIII nerves *

2729. Stapedius is supplied by which nerve ___________.

A. Mandibular
B. Maxillary
C. Facial *
D. Vestibular

2730. Rinne’s test is negative in _____________.

A. Presbyacusis
C. Labirinthitis
D. Meniere’s disease