841. The primary function of the dental pulp is____________?
A. Nutritive
B. Production of dentin
C. Production of enamel
D. Vascular supply to the teeth

842. All of the following are true about functions of dental pulp except______________?
A. Formation of dentin
B. Nerve supply to dentin
C. Sends impulses to CNS
D. Nerve supply to enamel through fibres

843. Which of the following structures is not found in a living pulp ?

A. Collagen fibres
B. Haversian fibres
C. Non-myelinated nerve fibres
D. Reticulum

844. In a dried skull, holes on the lingual aspects of the deciduous teeth are called_____________?
A. Volkmann canals
B. Canals of Hirschfeld and Zuckerland
C. Harversian canals
D. Gubernacular canals

845. The type of bone present in the labial area of anterior teeth is_______________?
A. Cortical
B. Cancellous
C. Osteophytes
D. Exophytic

846. Width of PDL is_______________?
A. 0.10 mm
B. 0.50 mm
C. 0.25 mm
D. 0.75 mm

847. Vitality of pulp depends on________________?
A. Blood supply
B. Nerve supply
C. Lymphatic supply
D. All of the above

848. The primary response of the pulp to tissue destruction is_______________?

A. Necrosis
B. Ulceration
C. Calcific degeneration
D. Inflammation

849. The plexus of Rashkov is present in which of the following zones in pulp ?
A. Cell free zone
B. Cell rich zone
C. Odontoblastic zone
D. Pulp core

850. Size of pulp chamber____________?
A. Increases with age
B. Decreases with age
C. Increased in some cases and decreases in some cases
D. None of the above