2331. Most easy way of screening for DVT is _________.

A. Plethysmorgraphy
B. Doppler ultrasound *
C. Radio labelled fibrinogen
D. Clinical examination

2332. Hydrocele is labelled as vaginal wnen it is _______.

A. Limited to scrotum
B. Upto inguinal canal
C. Upto deep inguinal ring
D. Communicating with peritoneal cavity *

2333. Best way to diagnose lower intestinal obstruction is _______.

A. Pain abdomen
B. Vomiting
C. Distension
D. Multiple air-fluid level *

2334. Disc prolapse is diagnosed from _______.

C. Myelogram
D. Any of the above *

2335. Graft is not taken upon

A. Fascia
B. Skull
C. Fat *
D. Muscle

2336. Prognosis of perforated duodenal ulcer is dependent on all except ______.

A. Age of patient
B. Duration
C. Severity of peritonitis
D. Basal pneumonitis *

2337. True of hepatic amoebiasis is _________.

A. Left lobe commonly involved
B. Multiple abscesses
C. Jaundice at presentation
D. Conservative treatment usually suffices *

2338. Ventilation : perfusion is highest at _________.

A. Apex *
B. Base
C. Midzone
D. Equal to all

2339. Cause of death in blunt chest trauma is ________-.

A. Lung laceration
B. Bronchial rupture *
C. Esophageal rupture
D. Thoractic duct rupture

2340. Maximum decrease in hydrochlric acid production is by _________.

A. Truncal vagotomy
B. Truncal vagotomy and antrectomy *
C. Parietal cell vagotomy
D. Vagotomy with pyloroplasty