271. Which of the following events DO NOT occur in rods in response to light_______________?
A. Structural changes in rhodopsin
B. Activation of transducin
C. Decreased intracellular cGMP
D. Opening of Na+ channels

272. Gut associated lymphoid tissue ( GALT) is primarily located in______________?
A. Lamina propria
B. Submucosa
C. Muscularis
D. Serosa

273. To check objective pain response, which is best used method_______________?
A. Facial pain scale
B. Knee jerk reflex
C. H- Reflex
D. R III Reflex

274. T- lymphocytes play a primary role in_________________?
A. Production of Antibodies
B. production of lymphokines and delayed hypersensitivity
C. Activation of complement system
D. Immediate Hypersensitivity

275. Which among the following is also called” peak less” insulin analog ?
A. Insulin lispro
B. Insulin glargine
C. Insulin aspart
D. Lente insulin

276. Meiotic division of male germ cells commence_______________?
A. During intra – uterine life
B. just before birth
C. by around 6 years after birth
D. by around 16 years

277. The percentage of body water is greater in_______________?
A. Male than in females
B. Children than in adult
C. Obese than in lean individuals
D. old than in young objects

278. During exercise_____________?
A. Cerebral blood flow increases if there is increase in systolic blood pressure
B. Body temperature increases
C. Blood flow to muscle increases after 1½ minute
D. Lymphatic flow from muscle decrease

279. Plasma factor present in both serum & plasma is____________?
A. V
D. Fibrinogen

280. In PHC, which anticoagulant is used to send the blood sample for blood glucose_____________?
B. Heparin
C. Potassium oxalate+ sodium fluoride
D. Potassium oxalate