2191. In an epidemic of poliomyelitis best to stop spread is by _________.

A. Injection of killed vaccine
B. OPV to children *
C. Isolation of cases
D. Chlorination of water

2192. Which of the following is not true of cast control study_______.

A. Easy to carry out
B. Inexpensive
C. Attributable risk can be measured *
D. No attrition problem

2193. The best criteria to judge association cause relationship is _______.

A. Strenght of association
B. Consistency
C. Chronological sequence of event *
D. Specificity

2194. All the following are commonly used filarial indices except ______.

A. Microfilaria rate
B. Filarial disease rate *
C. Filarial endemicity rate
D. Mosquito infection rate

2195. Two variables can be plotted together by _______.

A. Pie chart
B. Histograph
C. Frequency polygon
D. Scatter diagram *

2196. Earliest change is iron deficiency anaemia is _______.

A. Decreased serum ferritin *
B. Decreased serum iron
C. Decreased TIBC
D. Decreased HB %

2197. National health policy is concerned with _________.

A. Immunisation
B. Health education
C. Water supply
D. All of the above *

2198. Rat flea transmits all the following except ________.

A. Plague
B. Salmonellosis *
C. Murine typhus
D. H. Diminuta

2199. Which of the following is a zoonotic disease__________.

A. Hydatid cyst *
B. Malaria
C. Filaria
D. Dengue

2200. Anthropozoonosis are all except ___________.

A. Guinea worm *
B. Rabies
C. Plague
D. Hydatid cyst