1171. Aflatoxin is known to cause __________.

A. Lathyrism
B. Hepatoma *
C. Cholangiocarcinoma
D. Botulism.

1172. What is not seen in primary thyrotoxicosis?

A. Exophthalmos
B. Myopathy
C. Diffuse goiter *
D. Pretibial myxedema

1173. Chronic renal failure is accompanies by all except

A. Myopathy
B. Peripheral Neuropathy
C. Ectopic calcification
D. Osteopetrosis *

1174. In chronic renal failure all are seen except_______

A. Hyperphosphartemia
B. Hypomagnesemia *
C. Hyponatremia
D. Metabolic acidosis.

1175. Nephrocalcinosis is present in which type of RTA

A. Type I *
B. Type II
C. Type III
D. Type IV

1176. Recongnised Feature of Panhypopituitarism are all except________

A. Increased insulin sensitivity *
B. Pigmentation of Muscus membrane
C. Low Serum T4 TSH
D. Loss of secondary sex Characters

1177. Treatment of choice of thyrotoxicosis during pregnancy

A. Antithyroid drug *
B. Subtotal thyroidectomy
C. Propranolol
D. Radio Iodine.

1178. All are feature of myxedema except________.

A. Carpal tnnel syndrome
B. Menorrhagia
C. Creaky Voice
D. Hypotension *

1179. Tetany is caused by

A. Thyroid surgery
B. Hyperventilation
C. Calcium Channel Blocker *
D. Malabsorption

1180. All are true of Conn’s syndrome except________

A. Edema *
B. Hypertension
C. Low Potassium
D. Low renin