851. The average life time of primary pulp in oral cavity is__________?
A. 8.3 years
B. 2 years
C. 7 years
D. 3 years

852. The fibroblasts associated with capillaries are__________?
A. Plasma cell
B. Histocytes
C. Lymphocytes
D. Pericytes

853. The size of apical foramen of maxillary teeth in adult is______________?

A. 0.4 mm
B. 0.3 mm
C. 0.2 mm
D. 0.7 mm

854. The number of pulp organs in a person in___________?
A. 32
B. 50
C. 52
D. 62

855. The cell free zone in pulp lies____________?
A. Above odontoblast
B. Below odontoblast
C. In radicular pulp
D. In pulp horn

856. Cells occurring in greatest number in pulp are______________?
A. Cementoblasts
B. Fibroblasts
C. Osteoblasts
D. Ameloblasts

857. Aging process affects pulp tissue by_____________?
A. Decreasing the size and shape of pulp tissue and cellular component
B. Increase cellular component at the expenses of fibre component
C. Increases vascularity of the pulp
D. Decrease the calcific component of the pulp

858. Pulp tissue contains all except____________?

A. Fibroblasts
B. Capillary
C. Osteoblasts
D. Ameloblasts

859. Proprioceptors are seen in all except______________?
A. Skeletal muscle
C. Pulp
D. None of the above

860. Pericytes are found___________?
A. In thymus
B. Around capillaries of pulp
C. In gallbladder
D. Along with heparin on surface of mast cells