2571. The best view of demonstrate scaphoid fracture is ________.

B. Lateral
C. Oblique *

2572. Which of the following is not true of intertrochanteric fracture of femur __________.

A. Limb shortening
B. Malunion
C. Avascular necrosis of femoral head *
D. Internal fixation is preferred .

2573. Commonest complication of fracture shaft femur is __________.

A. Malunion
B. Nounion
C. Knee stiffness *
D. Fat embolism

2574. Thomas splint is used in fracture of __________.

A. Femur
B. Tibia
C. Intertrochanteric fracture
D. All of the above *

2575. Satellite fracture of patella with minimal displacement is managed by __________.

A. Patellectomy
B. Immobilization in extension
C. Purse-string wiring *
D. Traction

2576. Origin of bone is from _________.

A. Ectoderm
B. Mesoderm *
C. Endoderm
D. All of the above

2577. First bone to ossify in foetal life is _________.

A. Femur
B. Tibia
C. Clavicle *
D. Sternum

2578. Stenosing tenovaginitis commonly affects _

A. Abductor pollicis *
B. Flexor pollicis of longus
C. Opponens pollicis
D. All of the above

2579. Which nerve is compressed in carpal tunnel syndrome______.

A. Ulnar
B. Median *
C. Radial
D. All of the above

2580. Trigger finger is caused by __________.

A. Stenosing tenovaginitis *
B. Tendinitis
C. Palmar bursitis
D. Injury to flexor tendons