2701. Multiple tympanic membrane perforation is characteristic of _________.

A. Staphylococcus
B. Streptococcus
C. Tuberculous *
D. Fungal

2702. Cauliflower ear is due to which lesion of auricle __________.

A. Haematoma *
B. Papilloma
C. Carcinoma
D. Herpes

2703. Treatment of cholesteatoma is __________.

A. Antibiotic
B. Aspiration
C. Mastoidectomy
D. Radical mastoidectomy *

2704. Cricothyroid is supplied by __________.

A. Superior larygneal nerve *
B. Recurrent larygneal nerve
C. Inferior larygneal nerve
D. Scapular nerve

2705. Colour of TM in ostoselerosis is _________.

A. Pearly white
B. Flamingo pink *
C. Bluish
D. Brown

2706. Myringiti bullosa is caused by __________.

A. Bacteria
B. Virus *
C. Fungus
D. Trauma

2707. In noise trauma-audiometric changes begin at ___________.

A. 3000 MHZ
B. 4000 MHZ *
C. 8000 MHZ
D. 10,000 MHZ

2708. All are true of nasal allergy except _________.

A. Pale edematous mucosa
B. Associated DNC
C. Purulent discharge *
D. Eosinophils is discharge

2709. True of rhinosporidiosis is _________.

A. Furgal granuloma *
B. Cured by medicines
C. Gray mass
D. All of the above

2710. Stridor occurs in ___________.

A. Vocal nodule
B. Laryngeal lukoplakia
C. Bilateral abductor palsy *
D. Chronic larygnitis