2951. False positive test for proteins in urine occurs because of :

A. Sulphates
B. Nitrates
C. Phosphates *
D. Oxalates

2952. Conversion of glutamic acid to gammacarboxy glutamate involves :

A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B6
C. Vitamin K *
D. Vitamin B12

2953. Nucleo proteins contain :

A. Copper
B. Iron
C. Zinc *
D. None

2954. In glucose-6 Phosphatase deficiency there is impaired :

A. Glycolysis
B. Glycogenesis
C. Gluconeogenesis *
D. None of the above

2955. Fastest acting enzyme in body is :

A. Amylase
B. Trypsin
C. Carbonic anhydrase
D. Thromboplastin *

2956. Opazaki pieces are involved in :

A. DNA replication *
B. RNA replication
C. Translation
D. Transcription

2957. Thermostability of DNA is provided by :

A. C-G Bond *
B. AT pairing
C. N glycosylic bond
D. Anti parallel arrangement

2958. DNA Fragment separation is done by :

A. Paper chromatography
B. Thin layer chromatography
C. Liquid chromatography
D. Electrophoresis on agarose gel *

2959. During transamination , glutamine and pyruvic acid are converted to :

A. a ketoglutarate and alanine *
B. a ketoglutaramic acid and asparatate
C. Aspartic acid and glutamic acid
D. Oxaloacetate and glutamic acid

2960. Selenium is essential for functioning of :

A. Glutathione peroxidase *
B. Glutathione reductase
C. Glutathione synthetase
D. All of the above