601. Hepatitis C virus belongs to which one of the following virus groups ?
A. Picorna viruses
B. Herpes viruses
C. Hepadana viruses
D. Flavi viruses

602. Viruses can be isolated from clinical samples by cultivation in the following except?
A. Tissue culture
B. Embryonated eggs
C. Animals
D. Chemically defined media

603. During the Window period of patient with AIDS?
A. ELISA IS – ve
B. Western Blot is – ve
C. Both are – ve
D. PCR is – ve

604. Plaque test is used routinely in virology lab’s for?
A. Identification of viral disease
B. To separate specific clone of virus
C. To maintain certain viral culture
D. To prepare vaccines

605. A dentist suffered from Hepatitis B infection 3 months back. His laboratory tests are normal but he is not allowed by the medical board to do surgical practice. He is?
A. Inactive carrier
B. Healthy carrier
C. Convalescent carrier
D. Paradoxical carrier

606. Virus is cultured in?
A. Sabouraud’s agar
B. Rogosa medium
C. Non Embryonated egg
D. Embryonated egg

607. Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) usually occurs when CD4 Lymphocyte counts are_____________?
A. Above 600
B. Between 1000-2000
C. Below 200
D. Above 2000

608. Mark true in following ?
A. Hanta virus pulmonary syndrome is caused by inhalation of rodent urine and faces
B. Kyasanur forest disease is caused by bite of wild animal
C. Lyssa virus is transmitted by ticks
D. None of the above

609. The world german measles is applied for_____________?
A. Rubella
B. Rubeola
C. Herpes simplex
D. Herpetic gingivostomatitis

610. Hepatitis A virus is best diagnosed by______________?
A. IgM antibodies in serum
B. Isolation form stool
C. Culture from blood
D. Isolation from bile