2421. Most common ventral hernia is ___________.

A. Umbilical hernia
B. Incisional hernia *
C. Spigelian hernia
D. lumber hernia

2422. Function of human appendix is _________.

A. Helps in maturation of lymphocytes
B. Participate in secretory immune function
C. Integrated part of gut associated lymphoid tissue
D. All of the above *

2423. Has no function at all __________.

A. Most common position of appendix is __________.
B. Preileal
C. Post ileal *
D. Subcaecal

2424. Embryologically appendix is a part of _________.

A. Colon
B. Caecum *
C. Ileum
D. All of the above

2425. The most common type of hernia in inguinal region is _________.

A. Direct inguinal
B. Indirect inguinal *
C. Femoral
D. Incisional

2426. Hernia classification into complete and incomplete is made in relation to ________.

A. Internal inguinal ring
B. External inguinal ring *
C. Spermatic cord
D. None of the above

2427. Relation of oblique inguinal hernia to inferior epigastric artery is _________.

A. Medial
B. Laternal *
C. Anterior
D. Posterior

2428. Direct hernia comes out through ________.

A. External inguinal ring
B. Internal inguinal ring
C. Hesselbach’s triangle *
D. None of the above

2429. Tunica vaginalis is ________________.

A. Part of spermatic fascia
B. Scrotal part of transversalis
C. Scrotal extension of funicular process *
D. None of the above

2430. Enterocele has all of the following characteristics except ________.

A. Elastic consistency
B. Resonant on percussion
C. Doughy feeling *
D. Peristaltic sounds