2991. Prognosis is bad in all forms of NHL except :

A. Small noncleaved cell
B. Follicular small cleaved cell *
C. Diffuse histiocytic
D. Diffuse mixed small and large cell

2992. Most common microscopic lesion in kidneys in septicemic shock is :

A. ATN *
B. Tubulo interstitial nephritis
C. Focal glomerulonephritis
D. Cortical necrosis

2993. Most common lesion in diabetic nephrophathy is :

A. Diffuse glomerulosclerosis *
B. Kimmel steill wilson syndrome
C. Papillary necrosis
D. Tubular sclerosis

2994. Ture of hairy cell leukemia is :

A. T cell tumor
B. Common to adults 20-30 years
C. Tartarate resistant acid phosphatase positive *
D. All are true

2995. Gitter cells are :

A. Microglia *
B. Proptoplasmic astrocytes
C. Oligodendrocytes
D. Fibrous astrocytes

2996. Not true of bronchical adenoma is :

A. Locally invasive
B. Account for 5-10% of lung tumors
C. Usually perpheral in location *
D. Present with recurrent heamoptysis

2997. Langerhans cell is :

A. Antigen presenting *
B. Phagocytic
C. Mediates autoimmune response
D. All are true

2998. Malignant histiocytoma :

A. Usually affects limbs
B. Originates from primitive mesenchymal cells *
C. Common in third fourth decade
D. ALL are true

2999. In digitalis toxicity all are helpful except :

A. Potassium
B. Lidocaine
C. Phenytoin
D. Dialysis *

3000. Quinolone causing photsensitivity is :

A. Ofloxacin
B. Pefloxacin
C. Ciprofloxacin *
D. Norfloxacin