2021. Following are tumors of first decade of life except _____.

A. Retinoblastoma
B. Neuroblastoma
C. Rhabdomyosarcoma
D. Amyloblastoma *

2022. A six week infant can not ________.

A. lift head and chest while prone *
B. Turn head towards sound
C. Follow a moving person
D. Take dangling object to mouth .

2023. Which of the following is a feature of hypothyroid palsy_______.

A. Deafness with facial palsy *
B. Goitre with focal seizure
C. Blindness with mental retardation
D. Strabisms with spastic diplegia

2024. Artificial feeding causes all except ______.

A. Eczema
B. Necrotising enterocolitis
C. Late onset tetany
D. Haemorrhagic disease *

2025. Unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia in newborn is caused by ______.

A. Galactosemia
B. Breastmilk jaundice *
C. Inspissated bile syndrome
D. All of the above

2026. Most common cause of obstructive hydrocephalus in child is ______.

A. Arnold-chiari malformation
B. Aqueductal stenosis *
C. Meningitis
D. Dandi walker malformation

2027. Climbing steps with alternate leg occurs by age of _______.

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3 *
D. 4

2028. Infants born to diabetic mother show all except _______.

A. Asymmetric ventricular-septal hypertrophy
B. Hypoglycemia
C. Hairy pinna
D. Large tongue *

2029. Mental retardation is associated with _______.

A. Alkaptonria
B. Homocystinuria
C. Pentosuria
D. Galactosuria *

2030. Most common cause of subdural effusion in children is ______.

A. Meningococcal
B. H.unfluenza *
C. Streptococcus
D. Pneumococcus