1401. Treatment of SIADH is by all except _____________.

A. Salt and water restriction
B. Hypertonic saline
C. Frusemide
D. Desmopressin *

1402. Cranyopharyngioma mostly presents with _________.

A. Nausea and vomitting
B. Visual field defects *
C. Endocrine distrubances
D. Hydrocephalus

1403. Prognosis of malignant melanoma mostly depeneds upon ___________.

A. Size
B. Colour
C. Pleomorphism
D. Depth *

1404. Fictitious hyper insulinemia is differentiated from insulinoma by estimation of _______.

A. C peptide *
B. Insulin antibodies
C. Blood Glucose
D. All of the above

1405. All the following are feature of Pseudotumor cerebri except_________.

A. Papilledema
B. No localizing signs
C. Raised CSF Protein *
D. Normal ventricles in CT.

1406. Galactorrhoea can be caused by_________.

B. Methyl dopa
C. Phenothiazine
D. All of the above *

1407. Diabetes mellitus is a feature in all except ________.

A. Alaxia telangiectasia
B. Fanconi anaemia
C. Myotonic dystrophy
D. Noonam Syndrome *

1408. Noonan’s syndrome is characterised by ________.

A. Antimongoloid slant
B. Pulmonary stenosis
C. low hairline
D. All of the above *

1409. VLDL is increased in all except __________.

A. Hypothyroidism *
B. Uraemia
C. Acute Hepatitis
D. Alcoholic Cirrhosis

1410. Disease associated wit gout are all except ________.

A. Polycythemia vera
B. Psoriasis
C. Hyperparathyroidism
D. None of the above *