2911. Retinoblastoma manifests with all except _________.

A. Leucoria
B. Diplopia
C. Cataract
D. Microophthalmia *

2912. Periphery of retina is best visualised with ________-.

A. Direct ophthalmoscopy
B. Indirect Ophthalmoscopy *
C. Retinoscopy

2913. Magnification in direct opthalmoscopy is _________.

A. 5
B. 10
C. 15 *
D. 30

2914. Vossius ring is seen in _________.

A. Anterior lens capsule *
B. Posterior lens capsule
C. Cornea
D. Iris

2915. Ptosis is due to involvement of ___________.

A. Facial Nerve
B. Trigeminal Nerve
C. Oculomotor Nerve *
D. Trochlear Nerve

2916. Subacute anterior uveitis in children is seen with __________.

A. Toxoplasmosis
B. Toxocariasis
C. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis *
D. Syphilis

2917. First symptom of sympathetic ophthalmitis is __________.

A. Pain *
B. Photophobia
C. Poor distant vision
D. Field restriction

2918. Photorentinitis is due to ____________.

A. Ultraviolet
B. Infrared *
C. Gamma ray
D. X ray

2919. Earliest sign of sympathetic ophthalmia is __________.

A. Circum corneal congestion
B. Retrolental deposit
C. Vitreous detachment
D. Aqueous flare *

2920. Refractive power of human eye is ___________.

A. 20D
B. 35D
C. 45D
D. 58D *