2871. The only abductor of vocal cord is ________________.

A. Anterior cricoarytenoid
B. Posterior cricoarytenoid *
C. Interarytenoid
D. Cricohyoid

2872. Laryngeal cancer with good prognosis is ____________.

A. Glottic *
B. Supraglottic
C. Infraglottic
D. Pyriform fossa

2873. Best treatment of nasopharyngeal cancer is __________.

A. Surgery
B. Radiotherapy *
C. Surgery + radiotherapy
D. Chemo radio therapy

2874. Posterior epistaxis is from _______.

A. Sphenopalatine artery *
B. Anterior ethmoidal artery
C. Posterior ethmoidal artery
D. Superior labial artery

2875. Adductor palsy is due to involvement of ____________.

A. Vagus
B. Superior laryngeal *
C. Recurrent laryngeal

2876. Tensor of vocal cord is ___________.

A. Interarytenoid
B. Lateral cricoarytenoid
C. Medial cricoarytenoid
D. Throarytenoid *

2877. Bluish tympanic membrane is seen in _________.

A. Early ASOM
B. Glue ear
C. Cholesteatoma
D. Cholisterol granuloma *

2878. Utricle and sacule act as function of ________.

A. Rotation
B. Headmovement *
C. Angular acceleration
D. Orientation

2879. Ethmoid bulla opens to __________.

A. Superior meatus
B. Middle meatus *
C. Inferior meatus
D. Sphenoidal recess

2880. The caloric test done with cold and hot water is a function of which semi-circular canal _______.

A. Posterior
B. Anterior
C. Lateral *