751. Cofactor required for lipoprotein lipase activity is_______________?
A. Apo A-II
B. Apo C-II
C. Apo C-III
D. Apo B-II

752. The enzyme involved in the first committed step of glycolysis is____________?
A. Phosphofructokinase
B. Glucose-6-Phosphatase
C. Hexokinase
D. Enolase

753. The end product of glycolysis under anaerobic conditions is_______________?

A. Lactic acid
B. Pyruvic acid
C. Acetoacetic acid
D. Oxaloacetic acid

754. Which of the following is a non-reducing sugar____________?
A. Glucose
B. Maltose
C. Lactose
D. Sucrose

755. What high energy phosphate compound is formed in the citric acid cycle through substrate level phosphorylation______________?

756. The main enzyme responsible for activation of xenobiotics in (detoxification)____________?
A. Cytochrome P-450
B. Glutathione S-transferase
C. NADPH cytochrome P-450 reductase
D. Glucuronyl transferase

757. Which acid is formed in the citric acid cycle ?
A. Oxaloacetic acid
B. Glutamic acid
C. Nitric acid
D. None of the above

758. Krebs’s cycle occurs in _________ conditions?
A. Aerobic
B. Anaerobic
C. Microaerophilic
D. Aerobic and anaerobic

759. Which of them is multienzyme complex_____________?
A. Pyruvate dehydrogenase
B. Alpha ketoglutarate dehydrogenase
C. Succinate dehydrogenase
D. Enolase
E. Both A & B

760. Which of the following statement is TRUE? The hydrolysis of lactose yields glucose and galactose_____________?
A. The hydrolysis of lactose yields glucose and galactose
B. The hydrolysis of maltose yields glucose and fructose
C. The hydrolysis of sucrose yields only glucose
D. All of the above statements are true