1121. Which amoeba causes fulminant meningoencephalities___?

A. Acanthaemeba
B. E. Coli
C. E. Histolytica
D. N. Fowleri. *

1122. All are capsulated except__________.

A. H. Influenzae
B. Kleb pneumonea
C. Strep Penumonea
D. C. Diphtherae. *

1123. Cyclopropagative life cycle is seen in ________________.

A. Malaria
B. Plague *
C. Yellow fever
D. Filaria.

1124. Darting motility is shown by ________________.

A. Proteins
B. Serratia
C. Vibrio *
D. E. Coli

1125. IL2 is secreted by ______________.

A. Marcophages
B. CD4 Cells
C. CD8 Cells
D. Common T cells. *

1126. Most common mycobacterial infection in HIV patients in india is _____________.

A. M. Tuberculosis *
B. M. Xenopi
D. M. Kansasii.

1127. Property of acquiring antibiotic resistance from a viral colony is by __________.

A. Transferance *
B. Conjugation
C. Transduction
D. Mutation.

1128. The commonest IgG with maximum individual variation is ____________.

A. IgG1 *
B. IgG2
C. IgG3
D. IgG4

1129. DNA covering material in a virus is called ___________.

A. Capsomere
B. Capsid
C. Nucleocapsid *
D. Envelop

1130. Very recent HBV infection is diagnosed from _____________.

A. HBsAg
B. HBcAg
C. IgM Anti HBc *
D. Anti HBs.