1711. Not a feature of Wilson’s disease________.

A. Chronic active hepatitis
B. Testicular atrophy *
C. Chorea
D. Manic depressive psychosis.

1712. Treatment of H. Pylori is with all except __________.

A. Clarithromycin
B. Omeprazole
C. Cisapride *
D. Metronidazole

1713. Clinical Manifestations of botulism are all except________.

A. Diarrhoea *
B. Not fever
C. Retention of urine
D. Diplopia

1714. Treatment of painful diabetic neuropathy is wit all except ________.

A. Amitryptliline
B. Carbamazepine
C. Capsaicin
D. Amphetamine *

1715. Manifestations of Felty’s syndrome are all except _________.

A. Rheuematoid arthritis
B. Neutropenia
C. Splenomegaly
D. Nephropathy *

1716. Pyridoxin responsive diseases are all except ___________.

A. Xanthineuric aciduria
B. Homocystinuria
C. Oxaluria
D. Maple syrup urine disease *

1717. Hypoglycemia is seen in all except _______________.

A. Hepatoma
B. Small cell lung cancer *
C. Hypothermia
D. Hypopituitarism

1718. Not true of multiple myeloma____________.

A. Raised alkaline phosphatase *
B. Raised calcium -urea-nitrogen
C. Bone pain
D. Lytic bone lesion

1719. ECG change of hypokalemia are all except _________.

A. T inversion
B. Prominent U waves
C. ST sagging *
D. QT prolongation

1720. Frontal lobe lesion primarily causes________.

A. Personality change *
B. Urinary incontinence
C. Visual Defect
D. Ataxia