1321. Drug of choice in prinzmental angina is ___________.

A. Diltiazem *
B. Verapamil
C. Propranolol
D. Nitrates

1322. Which is not true of alcoholic cardiomyopathy__________.

A. Low cardiac output
B. Systemic Vasodilatation *
C. Atrial fibrillation
D. Ventricular arrhythias.

1324. All are true of HOCM except__________.

A. Assymmetric scptal hypertropy
B. Low cardiac output
C. Delayed mitral anterior leaflet motion *
D. Diastolic

1325. All are true of HOCM except __________.

A. Always autosomal dominant *
B. Dynamic obstruction
C. Double apical impulse
D. Digoxin not useful

1326. All the following are seen in cardiac tamponade except ________.

A. Pulsus paradoxus
B. Kussmaul’s sign *
C. Electrical alternans
D. Rapid “X” descent .

1327. False about COPD is___________.

A. Decreased FEV1
B. Increased residual volume
C. Decreased diffussion capacity *
D. Decreased PEFR.

1328. True of Chronic obstructive lung disease are all except _________.

A. Decreased VC
B. Decreased FEV1:FVC
C. Decreased TLC *
D. Increased RV.

1329. Hypercapnia at rest is indicative of ___________.

A. Hypoventilation
B. Right to left shunt *
C. Impaired diffussion
D. CO Poisoning.

1330. True of Broncho pulmonary aspergillosis are all except _________.

A. Asthma
B. Central Bronchiectasis
C. Parenchymal infiltration
D. Pleural effusion. *