261. Blood cells arise in bone marrow and are subject to______________?
A. Irregular renewal
B. Regular renewal
C. Infrequent renewal
D. None of the above

262. Site of RBC formation in 20 years old healthy male is____________?
A. Flat bones
B. Long bones
C. Liver
D. Yolk sac

263. In human the Hb is_______________?
A. HbH
B. HbA
C. HbM
D. HbS

264. Plasma cells are constituent of_____________________
A. Nervous tissue
B. Muscular tissue
C. Epithelial tissue
D. Connective tissue

265. The tissue macrophages are derived from the________________?
A. Neutrophil
B. Eosinophil
C. Monocyte
D. All of the above

266. In a blood sample antiserum A and antiserum B and Rh+ ve factor is added. No agglutination is seen. This is_______________?
A. O group and Rh+ ve
B. O group and Rh- ve
C. AB group and Rh+ ve
D. AB group and Rh – ve

267. AB group has following agglutinins_______________?
A. Anti – A & Anti – B
B. Neither anti A nor anti – B
C. Anti – A
D. Anti – B

268. Citrate is a useful anticoagulant because of its ability to_____________?
A. Buffer basic groups of coagulation factors
B. Bind factor XII
C. Bind vitamin K
D. Chelate calcium

269. ESR depends on_______________?
A. Viscidity
B. Fibrinogen
C. Rouleaux
D. All of the above

270. The normal brown red color of feces results from the presence of_______________?
A. Heme
B. Stercobilin
C. Biliverdin
D. Bilirubin diglucuronide