2031. All the following cause spleno-megaly except _______.

A. Gaucher’s disease
B. Von-Gierke’s disease *
C. Tay-sach’s disease
D. Niemann pick disease

2032. Most common organism of neonatal septicemai is ______.

A. Staphylococcus
B. Streptococcus *
C. Pneumococcus
D. E.Coli

2033. True of congenital adrenal hyperplasia are all except ______.

A. Hyponatremis
B. Hypokalemia
C. Hyperkalemia *
D. Raised Urinary ketosteroids

2034. Characteristics of GH deficiency include all except ____.

A. Sexual infantilsm
B. Short stature
C. Delay with eruption *
D. Symptomatic hypoglycemia

2035. Most common chromosomal anomaly is ________.

A. Trisomy 13
B. Trisomy 18
C. Trisomy 21 *
D. Fragile X

2036. True of diphtheria are all except ________.

A. Nasal carriers are dangerous
B. No subclinical cases
C. Parotitis usual *
D. Vaccination does not provent carier state.

2037. Child of 3 years can do all except ______.

A. Speak sentences
B. Hobble 5 steps *
C. Climb upstairs
D. Draw a circle

2038. Following are true of hypthyroidism except_______.

A. Bone age: height age reduced
B. Delayed puberty
C. Short metacarpals *
D. UL:LL disproportionate reduction

2039. Wilms tumor commonly metastasizes to ________.

A. liver
B. Lung *
C. Lymphnode
D. Adrenals

2040. Most common cause of suprasellar calcific lesion in children is ______.

A. Astrocytoma
B. Meningioma
C. Cranio pharyngioma *
D. Tuberculoma