2211. Riedel-walker coefficient is related with ____________.

A. Disinfecting power *
B. Parasitic clearanes
C. Statistical correlation
D. Dietary requirement

2212. Maize is deficit in _______.

A. Methionine
B. Threonine
C. Tryptophan *
D. Leucine

2213. Square root of deviation is called ________.

A. Standard deviation *
B. Standard error
C. Mean deviation

2214. Death rates of two countries are compared by ________.

A. Crude death rate
B. Proportional crude death rate
C. Standardised mortality rate *
D. Age specific death rate .

2215. All are true of case control study except ______.

A. Quick result
B. Incidence measure
C. Proceeds from effects to cause *
D. Inexpensive

2216. All are grass root level workers except ________.

A. Anganwadi worker
B. Traditional birth attendant
C. Village health guide
D. Health assistant *

2217. Incidence rate is measured by ________.

A. Case control study
B. Conort study *
C. Cross over study
D. Cross sectional study

2218. Minimum duration for development of coal minor pneumoconiosis is _____.

A. 2-4 Years
B. 4-6 Years
C. 8-10 Years
D. More than 10 Years . *

2219. Colostrum in comparison to breast milk is rich in all except _______.

A. Protein
B. Fat *
C. Carbohydrate
D. Mineral

2220. Retrospective evaluation of medical records is known as _______.

A. Medical evaluation
B. Professional evaluation
C. Medical audit *
D. Professional screening