2371. Which of the following is most precancerous_________.

A. Blue naevus
B. Junctional naevus *
C. Intra dermal naevus
D. Intraepidermal naevus

2372. Splenectomy is indicated in all except _________.

A. Splenic rupture
C. Splenorenal shunt
D. NHL *

2373. Glassglow coma scale is most appropriate for patient of __________.

A. Metabolic coma
B. Head injury *
C. Crebro vascular accident
D. Anaesthesia

2374. Surgical jaundice can be due to all except ________.

A. CBD Stone
B. Sclerosing cholangitis *
C. CA head of pancrease
D. Multiple enlarged nodes in porta hepatis

2375. Sarcoma can arise from all except _________.

A. Vascular tissue
B. Muscle
C. Bone
D. Endocrine tissue *

2376. Pain palpable mass and bleeding per rectum in a child implies_______.

A. Rectal polyp
B. Volvulus
C. Intussusception *
D. Ischaemic colitis

2377. Best position for self palpation of breast is _________.

A. Standing *
B. Sitting
C. Lying
D. Leaning forward

2378. Bisgaard treatment is beneficial for _________.

A. Ischaemic ulcer
B. Venous ulcer *
C. Tubercular ulcer
D. Diabetic ulcer

2379. Best treatment for a 12 hour old injury in _________.

A. Primary suture
B. Wound debridement with primary Suture
C. Wound debridement with delayed primary suture *
D. Secondary suture

2380. Which is not a contraindication to laparoscopy___________.

A. Abdominal scar *
B. Obesity
C. Diabetes
D. Blood dyscrasia