2641. In pseudogout the crystals in synovial fluid are _________.

A. Calcium carbonate
B. Calcium Pyrophosphate
C. Calcium aaptite *
D. Uric acid

2642. Which of the following is a true tumour___________.

A. Bone cyst
B. Fibrous dysplasia
C. Nonosteogenic fibroma
D. Enchondroma *

2643. The best treatment of solitary bone cyst is ___________.

A. Simple curettage of cavity
B. Curettage beyond cavity walls and bone chips to fill the defect *
C. Wait and Watch
D. Fulgeration of cavity and grafting

2644. What is true reticulum cell sarcoma of bone ___________.

A. Multicentric in origin
B. Common to flat bones and vertebra
C. Radio resistant
D. Usually affects only one bone *

2645. Characteristic feature of primary reticulum cell sarcoma of bone is __________.

A. Rosette formation
B. Giant tumor cells
C. Kidney shaped nucleus,Plenty of cyplasm *
D. Pyknotic nucleus, scanty cytoplasm

2646. Reticulum cell sarcoma is considered a member of the ___________.

A. Osteogenic tumours
B. Metastatic tumours
C. Lymphoma tumours *
D. Angiomatous tumours

2647. Multiple myeloma tumour cells resemble _________.

A. Granulocytes
B. Plasma cells *
C. Lymphocytes
D. Chondrocytes

2648. What is true of solitary myeloma__________.

A. Always becomes multiple with time
B. Bone marrow involvement most common
C. Serum chemistry is same as of multiple myeloma
D. Can often be cured by amputation *

2649. The most common metastatic tumour to bone is from _________.

A. Thyroid
B. Breast *
C. Lungs
D. Kidneys

2650. Most cases of scoliosis is due to ____________.

A. Vertebral anomaly
B. Myopathy
C. Osteochondry dystrophy
D. Idiopathic *