2881. Fitzgerald’s caloric test uses water at ___________.

A. 30 degree celcius and 44 degree celcius *
B. 34 degree celcius and 41 degree celcius
C. 33 degree celcius and 21 degree celcius
D. 50 degree celcius and 30 degree celcius

2882. Canal for tensor tympani is present in which wall of middle ear ________.

A. Anterior *
B. Posterior
C. Medial
D. Lateral

2883. Black colour patch in mouth is seen in __________.

A. Acute tonsilitis
B. Peritonsilar abscess
C. Vincent’s angina *
D. Ludwig’s angina

2884. Laryngeal disease demanding high trachesotony is _________.

A. Sclerom
B. Carcinoma *
C. Tuberculosis
D. Multiple papilloma

2885. The typical characteristic of diphtheria membrane is ________.

A. Pearly white
B. Loosely attached
C. Firmly attached-bleeds on touch *
D. Yellow and proteinaceous

2886. Control of haemorrhage after adenoidectomy is by _________.

A. Local adrenaline
B. Postnasal pack *
C. Electro cautery
D. Exploration

2887. Tonsils develop from __________.

A. First pharyngeal pouch
B. Second pharyngeal pouch *
C. Third pharyngeal pouch
D. Fourth pharyngeal pouch

2888. The cause of oroantral fistula are all except ___________.

A. Trauma
B. Malignancy
C. Sinusitis *
D. Tooth extraction

2889. Most immediate treatment of CSF rhinorrhoea is ____________.

A. Antibiotic
B. Nasal packing *
C. Vasoconstrictor and Lp
D. Exploration

2890. Milkulitz cell is seen in _________.

A. Rhinosclerosis *
B. Rhinophyma
C. Rhinosporidiosis
D. None of the above