1951. Most common site for adenocarcinoma colon________.

A. Rectum *
B. Sigmoid Colon
C. Transverse Colon
D. Ascending Colon

1952. Pneumatosis cystoids -most common site is _______.

A. Jejunum *
B. Ileum
C. Stomach
D. Duodenum

1953. Corpus collosum contains________.

A. Association fibers
B. Projection fibers
C. Commissural fibers *
D. None of the above

1954. High dose radiotherapy is required for curing all except ______.

A. Osteosarcoma
B. Malignant melanoma
C. Seminoma *
D. Metastatic lymphnode

1955. Froments sign is positive in paralysis of _________.

A. Radial Nerve
B. Ulnar Nerve *
C. Median Nerve
D. Axillary Nerve

1956. Lerische syndrome – all are true except _____.

A. Femoral pulse absent
B. Continuous bruit over abdominal aorta *
C. Gluteus caludication
D. Impotence

1957. Fanconi syndrome – all are true except _______.

A. A type of Vitamine D resistant ricket
B. Normal linear growth *
C. Polyuria ,Polydipsia
D. Low Phosphorus, high calcium

1958. Canrenone is a metabolite of ________.

A. Indapamide
B. Bumetanide
C. Spironolactone *
D. Frusemide

1959. Heart failure cells are found in ____.

A. Heart
B. Liver
C. Spleen
D. Lung *

1960. During Exercise all are increased except ______.

A. Coronary blood flow
B. Cardiac out put
C. Peripheral resistance *
D. Venous return