631. Dengue virus belongs to______________?
A. Flavi virus
B. Togaviridae
C. Reoviridae
D. Rhabdoviridae

632. Which of the following statement about P24 antigen of HIV is Not True ?
A. It can be detected during the window period
B. Free P24 antigen disappears after the appearance of IgM response to it:
C. Virus load parallel P24 titre
D. It remains during asymptomatic phase

633. Which of the following viruses are most likely to cross placenta and cause foetal defect ?
A. Herpes Simplex
B. Mumps
C. Rubella
D. Papilloma

634. One virus particle prevents multiplication of 2nd virus. This phenomena is____________?
A. Viral interference
B. Mutation
C. Supervision
D. Permutation

635. The only virus, which has double stranded RNA, is______________?
A. Bunya virus
B. Reo virus
C. Calci virus
D. Rhabdo virus

636. Which of the following correctly indicates the infectivity of hepatitis virus in human ?
B. HBeAg
C. Anti-HBC
D. Anti-HBS

637. Which of the following represents the serologic evidence of recent Hepatitis B virus infection during window period ?
A. HBs Ag
B. IgM anti – HBc
C. Anti HBs
D. None of the above

638. For the treatment of case of class III dog bite, all of the following are correct except_____________?
A. Give immunoglobulins for passive immunity
B. Give ARV
C. Immediately stitch wound under antibiotic coverage
D. Immediately wash wound with soap and water

639. Which of the following is a RNA virus ?
A. Measles virus
B. Herpes Virus
C. Papova virus
D. Adeno virus

640. Following is a retrovirus_____________?
A. Immunodeficiency virus
B. Influenza
C. Polio virus
D. Hepatitis virus