2251. Pearl index measures __________.

A. Air pollution
B. Water pollution
C. Contraceptive failure *
D. Fecal contamination

2252. Louse acts as a vector for all except ____________.

A. Epidemic typhus
B. Endemic typhus *
C. Replapsing fever
D. Trench Fever

2253. Reference protein in that of ________.

A. Fish
B. Meat
C. Milk
D. Egg *

2254. Epidemic dropsy present with all except __________.

A. Glautoma
C. Convulsion *
D. Diarrhoea

2255. Which virus does not cause diarrhoea _________.

A. Rota virus
B. Adeno Virus
C. Calci virus
D. Reo Virus *

2256. Carriers are important in all except _________.

A. Measles *
B. Typhoid
C. Poliomyelitis
D. Malaria

2257. Adjuvant used in DPT vaccine is ________.

A. Mg SO4
B. Mg PO4
C. Al PO4 *
D. Al SO4

2258. Quarantine period for yellow fever is __________.

A. 3 days
B. 6 days *
C. 10 days
D. 14 days

2259. Not a zoonotic disease is ____________.

A. Plague
B. Epidemic typhus *
C. Rabies
D. Salmonellosis

2260. Acceptable noise level is residential area be ________.

A. 25-40 dB *
B. 40-50 dB
C. 50-60 dB
D. 60-70 dB