1221. Gait of parkinsonism is ______________.

A. Ataxic
B. Festinant
C. High stepping
D. Dancing *

1222. Waddling gait characterises____________.

A. Cerebellar tumors
B. Alcholism
C. Muscular Dystorphy *
D. Thalamic lesions.

1223. Dementia can be due to deficiency of all except____________.

A. Riboflavin *
B. Nicotinic acid
C. B12
D. B1

1224. Pseudodementia i a feature of _____________.

A. Multiple stroke
B. Endogenous depression *
C. Parkinsonism
D. Alzheimer’s disease

1225. Finger clubbing is absent in __________

A. Mesothelioma
B. Fibrosing alveolitis
C. Tropical eosinophilia *
D. Bronchiectasis

1226. Aphasia with worst prognosis is _____________.

A. Fluent aphasia
B. Motor aphasia
C. global aphasia *
D. Conduction aphasia

1227. Alpha coma is characterized by all except___________.

A. 12Hz/sec waves in ECG
B. Diffuse corical damage
C. Better prognosis *
D. None of the above

1228. Hypokalemai may be due to all except _________.

A. Adrenal tumor
B. Acute renal failure *
C. Thiazide therapy
D. Diarrhoea

1229. Granular waxy cast in urine indicate ______

A. Pyelonephritis
C. Chronic glomerulonephritis *
D. Minimal change nephropathy

1230. Which of the following is normal cast in urine __________.

A. Hyaline *
B. Grannular
C. Waxy
D. Epithelial