2131. Preference to use one hand is evident by ________.

A. 6 months
B. 1 Year
C. 2 Years *
D. 3 Years

2132. A child with abdominal pain, arthralgia, haematuria and hypertension is likely having _______.

B. Porphyria *
C. Rheumatic fever
D. Dengue

2133. All the following hormones can affect growth of a child except ______.

C. Somatostatin *
D. Insulin

2134. SVT in known to arise from _________.

A. AV node
B. Av junction
C. Sinus node *
D. Atria

2135. A five year child can remember numbers upto how many digits.

A. 4
B. 5 *
C. 6
D. 7

2136. Which vitamins deficiency is uncommon in newborn _______.

A. Vitamin C
B. Vitamin D
C. Vitamin E *
D. Vitamin K

2137. Vitamin K deficiency occurs in all the following except ______.

A. Artificial milk feeds *
B. Antibiotic
C. Biliary obstruction
D. Malabsorption

2138. Which of the following is a feature of hypothyroid cretinism.

A. Goiter with focal seizure
B. Blindness with MR
C. Deafness with facial palsy *
D. Goiter with facial palsy

2139. Common cause of renal failure in children is __________.

A. Duplication of ureters
B. Acute GMN
C. Nephritic syndrome
D. Diarrhoea *

2140. Persistence of Moro’s reflex indicates ________.

A. Normal child
B. Brain Damage *
C. Attention deficit disorder
D. Autism