2801. Lymphnode metastasis is neck is almost never seen in carcinoma of __________.

A. Tonsils
B. Vocal cords *
C. Supraglottic region
D. Pyriform fossa

2802. The most common lymph node to enlarge in acute tonsillitis is __________.

A. Jugulo omohyoid
B. Jugulo digastric *
C. Submandibular
D. Posterior cervical

2803. Acoustic dip occurs at _________.

A. 2000 Hz
B. 4000 Hz *
C. 500 Hz
D. 1500 Hz

2804. Nerve supply to TM is from ____________.

A. Auriculotemporal *
B. Auricular branch of vagus
C. Lesser occipital
D. Greater occipital

2805. Bleeding pulsatile lesion in external ear is likely to be __________.

A. Cholesteatoma
B. Polyp
C. Glomus tumor *
D. Malignant middle ear lesion

2806. Sensory neural hearing loss with congenital nephritis is called _________.

A. Alports syndrome *
B. Fabry’s disease
C. Edward syndrome
D. Down Syndrome

2807. In ostosclerosis dip is audiogram is at _________.

A. 0.5 KHZ
B. 1.5 KHZ
C. 2 KHZ *
D. 4 KHZ

2808. In partial recurrent laryngeal palsy VC position is ___________.

A. Abduction
B. Adduction
C. Paramedian *
D. Cadaveric

2809. Pneumatocele is seen in fracture of which sinus__________.

A. Maxillary
B. Frontal *
C. Sphenoid
D. Ethmoid

2810. Bony septal perforation is seen in ___________.

B. Leprosy
C. Syphilis *
D. Sarcoidosis