581. All of the following are secretomotor to submandibular gland except ?
A. Facial Nerve
B. Chorda Tympani
C. Mylohyoid Nerve
D. Lingual Nerve

582. Hypothyroidism should be treated with daily administration of which of the following thyroid hormone preparations ?
A. Thyroid extract
B. Thyroglobulin
C. Thyroxine (T4)
D. Triiodothyronine (T3)

583. Leishmania is cultured in ________________ media?
A. Chocolate agar
C. Tellurite
D. Sabourauds

584. Which of the following is most potent antigen for stimulating both humoral and cell mediated immunity ?
A. Adjuvant
B. Proteins
C. Polysaccharides
D. Lipids

585. Which of the following is not transmitted by lice ?
A. Trench fever
B. Relapsing fever
C. Q fever
D. Epidemic typhus

586. A 30 years old patient developed high fever of sudden onset. Peripheral blood smear showed cresent shaped gametocytes. Malaria pigment was dark brown in colour Which of the following malarial parasites is the causative agent ?
A. Plasmodium vivax
B. Plasmodium malaria
C. Plasmodium falciparum
D. Plasmodium ovale

587. All are oncogenic except?
A. Anopheles
B. Aedes
C. Culex
D. Mansoni

588. DNA covering material in a virus is called as?
A. Capsomere
B. Capsid
C. Nucleocapsid
D. Envelope

589. True about HIV are all except?
A. DNA virus
B. Attacks CD4 cells
C. Macrophages are the reservoir
D. Decrease CD4 count in late stages

590. EBV causes all except?
A. Carcinoma of nasopharynx
B. Papilloma
C. Infectious mononucleosis
D. Burkitt’s lymphoma