2401. Lucid Interval is characteristic of ____________.

A. Extradural bleed *
B. Subdural bleed
C. Intracerebral bleed
D. Subarachnoid bleed

2402. Post operation burst abdomen is common on _________.

A. 4th-6th Day
B. 6th-8th Day *
C. 10th-12th Day
D. After 2 weeks

2403. Corpora amylacea is present in ________.

A. Thymus
B. Prostate *
C. Pancreas
D. Spleen

2404. Haemangioma of liver ___________.

A. Most common benign hepatic tumor *
B. M:F ratio is 5:1
C. Multiple in over 90%
D. All are true

2405. Trendelenburg test demonstrate_________.

A. Mid thigh perforators
B. Calf perforators
C. Sapheno femoral incompetence *
D. Deep vein thrombosis

2406. Most common cause of fever within 48 hours of surgery is _________.

A. Atelectasis *
B. Aspiration pneumonia
C. Wound infection

2407. Anatomical structure usually responsible for direct inguinal hernia is ___________.

A. External Oblique fascia
B. Transversalis fascia *
C. Conjoint tendon

2408. Left spermatic vein commonly empties into _________.

B. Renal vein
C. Splenic vein *
D. Inferior mesenteric vein

2409. Adenomatoas polyp of rectun needs removal because ________.

A. Bleeding
B. Infection
C. Premalignant *
D. All of the above

2410. Pringle maneuver is used for which of the following ________.

A. Isolation of CBD
B. Hepatic artery pressure to stop bleeding *
C. Separating of GB from liver bed
D. None of the above