2181. Not useful is prevention of rabies________.

A. Vaccination of dogs
B. licencing of all domestic dogs
C. Dogs to be restraint from public places *
D. Early diagnosis and treatment

2182. Not helpful in control of cholera epidemic______.

A. Compulsory immunisation *
B. weekly chlorination
C. Tetracycline or ORS
D. Notification

2183. High prevalence rate in an area affects _________.

A. Sensitivity
B. Specificity
C. Predictive value
D. All of the above *

2184. Leprosy and Tuberculosis in india can be best prevented by______.

A. Health education
B. Immuno prophylaxis
C. Chemoprophylaxis
D. Early diagnosis and treatment *

2185. Barrier sanitation means _________.

A. Personal hygiene *
B. Elimination of flies
C. Seggregation of faeces
D. Water purification

2186. Regarding Kyasanur forest disease all are except _______.

A. Killed vaccine available
B. Caused by retrovirus *
C. Transmitted by Tics
D. Incubation period 3-8 days

2187. The denominator in general fertality rate is _________.

A. Female between 15-45 *
B. Married female between 15-45
C. All female above 15
D. Any of the above

2188. Which disease has latent infection_______.

A. Herpes zoster
B. Measles
C. Malaria
D. All of the above *

2189. Highest biological value of protein is in __________.

A. Egg *
B. Fish
C. Meat
D. Soya

2190. Protein efficiency ratio is _____________.

A. Gain in weight of young animals per unit of protein consumed . *
B. Product of digestibility coefficient and biological value/100.
C. Percentage of nitrogen retained out of nitrogen absorbed
D. Percentage of protein absorbed