431. True ankyloglossia occurs as a result of________________?
A. Union between tongue and floor of mouth
B. Absence of lingual frenum
C. Lingual frenum attached to the tip of tongue
D. Short lingual frenum

432. Teeth that erupt with in 30 days of birth are called________________?
A. Natal teeth
B. Neonatal teeth
C. Primary teeth
D. Prenatal teeth

433. The syndrome which consists of cleft palate micrognathia and glossoptosis is known as_____________?
A. Marfan’s syndrome
B. Crouzon’s syndrome
C. Paget’s disease
D. Pierre Robin syndrome

434. Facial edema, cheilitis granulomatosa and a fissured tongue characterize which of the following syndromes ?
A. Frey
B. Mel Kerson-Rosenthal
C. Teacher Collins
D. None of the above

435. Globulomaxillary cyst is______________?
A. Soft tissue cyst present often between maxillary Lateral incisor and cuspid teeth
B. Often present between incisor and cuspid teeth but is a bone cyst
C. A cyst present between the midline of the palate
D. A cyst present in the incisive canal

436. Peg-shaped incisors which taper towards the incisal edge are typically seen in all of the following conditions EXCEPT______________?
A. Congenital syphilis
B. Rickets
C. Anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia
D. Supernumerary teeth

437. A union of the roots of adjacent teeth through the cementum is referred to as_____________?
A. Concrescence
B. Fusion
C. Gemination
D. None of the above

438. Animals maintained in germ free environmental did not develop caries even when fed on a high carbohydrate diet is given by_____________?
A. Gottlieb
B. Miller
C. Snyder
D. Orland and Fitzgerald

439. Initiation of caries by streptococcus mutans is by the production of______________?
A. Dextranase and soluble dextran
B. Insoluble dextan and glucosyl transferase
C. soluble dextran and glucosyl transferase
D. None of the above

440. Ammonia causes______________?
A. Increase in plaque formation
B. Increase in calculus formation
C. Decrease in plaque formation
D. Causes precipitation of salivary proteins