961.Darlings disease is________________?
A. Histoplasmosis
B. Phycomycosis
C. Actinomycosis
D. Bleomycosis

962. Premature exfoliation of deciduous teeth is seen in_____________?
A. Hypophosphatasia
B. Hypophosphatemia
C. Hyper phosphtasia
D. Hyperparathyroidism

963. An etiological factor for macroglossia is_____________________?
A. Atrophic glossitis
B. Oral submucous fibrosis
C. Syphilitic glossitis
D. Hurler’s syndrome

964. Diabetes insipidus, bone lesions lesions and exophthalmos is seen in________________?
A. Sickle cell anemia
B. Niemen pick disease
C. LittereSiewe Disease
D. Hand-Schuller-Christian disease

965. Gingiva is most commonly affected by deficiency of_____________?
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin D
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin B

966. Deficiency of which of the following will cause enamel hypoplasia ?
A. Vitamin B and C
B. Vitamin A, C and D
C. Calcium
D. Vitamin C

967. Which of the following deficiencies are associated with the disorders of hyperplasia of salivary gland and keratinisation of the salivary gland______________?
A. Vit – A
B. Vit – B
C. Vit – C
D. Vit – K

968. Dinesh, a 24-year old male, complains of loose teeth in a single quardrant. His radiograph shows irregular bone loss and histopathology reveals eosinophils and histiocytes. The most probable diagnosis is______________?
A. Hand- Schuller-Christian disease
B. Paget’s disease
C. Osteoclastoma
D. Albright’s syndrome

969. Addison’s disease is related to________________?
A. Adrenal medulla
B. Adrenal cortex
C. Post pituitary
D. Parathyroid gland

970. The deficiency of which of the following vitamins does not effect on tooth development______________?
A. Vit – A
B. Vit – D
C. Vit – C
D. Vit – K