1791. Most common manifestation of osteoporosis is _________.

A. Compression fracture spine
B. Backache *
C. Bowing of leg
D. Fracture femoral neck

1792. Aortic regurgitation is seen in all except ____.

A. AMI *
B. Ankylosing spondylitis
C. Bacterial endocarditis
D. Marfan’s syndrome

1793. Angina and syncope are associated with ________.

C. AR *

1794. Acute aortic regurgitation is seen in all except________.

A. Infective endocarditis
B. Rheumatic carditis
C. AMI *
D. Marfan syndrome

1795. Bromocryptine is useful is all the following except______.

A. Acromegaly
B. Parkinsonism
C. Infertility
D. Depression *

1796. The best treatment for hyper phosphaturia is ________.

A. Vitamin D
B. Low calcium
C. Calcitonin
D. None of the above *

1797. Language disorder of cerebral origin is _________.

A. Aphasia *
B. Stuttering
C. Stammering
D. Dysarthria

1798. Prominent “V” wave in JVP suggests________.

A. Mitral stenosis
B. Tricuspid regurgitation *
C. Pulmonary hypertension
D. Pulmonary stenosis

1799. Treatment of hyperkalemia is all except ________.

A. Insulin
B. Steroids *
C. Calcium gluconate
D. Sodium bicarbonate

1800. True of giant cell arteritis is all except ______.

A. Steroids beneficial
B. Mainly affects elderly
C. ICA is particularly susceptible *
D. ESR is very High.