1691. Not a feature of hepatorenal syndrome is _________.

A. Normal urinary sediment
B. Normal renal biopsy
C. Normal GFR *
D. Low NA+ in Urine

1692. In giardiasis malabsorption is due to all except________.

A. Mucosal injury *
B. Bacterial over growth
C. Lactose intolerance
D. Hypogamma globulinemai.

1693. Definite diagnosis of asthma is by __________.

A. Methacholine challenge test
B. Reversible responsiveness of bronchial musculature *
C. Relief of symptoms with bronchodilators
D. Decreased FEV1 TO FVC ration

1694. WPW with artial fibrillation is best managed by _________.

A. Adenosine
B. Verapamil *
C. Amiodarone
D. Digoxin

1695. Which of the following is not x-linked _________.

A. Haemophilia A
B. Haemophilia B
C. Haemophilia C *
D. None of the above

1696. Reticulocyte count is not increased in ____________.

A. Myeloid metaplasia *
B. Sideroblastic anaemia
C. Iron deficiency anaemia
D. Haemorrhage

1697. Erythema infections is called __________.

A. Sixth disease
B. Fifth disease *
C. Fourth disease
D. Kawasaki disease

1698. Heral patch is seen in __________.

A. Pityriasis rosea *
B. Pityriasis alba
C. Tinea Versicolor
D. Dermatophytosis

1699. Which antileprotic drug is used in lepra reaction______.

A. Acedapsone
B. Dapsone
C. Clofazimine *
D. Rifampin

1700. Investigation of choice in aortic dissection is _________.

A. MRI *
B. CT Scan
C. Angiography
D. Tee