3131. Stapedius is supplied by which cranial nerve :

A. VII *
D. V

3132. Not a branch of subclavian artery :

A. Suprascapular artery *
B. Internal thoracic artery
C. Vertebral artery
D. Thoracocervical trunk

3133. Cerebral artery not paired is:

A. Vertebral
B. Basilar *
C. Anterior Cerebral
D. Posterior communicating

3134. Mandibular nerve passes through :

A. Foramen ovale *
B. Foramen routnudum
C. Jugular foramen
D. Foramen spinosum

3135. Median nerve supplies all except :

A. Abductor pollicis longus
B. Flexor pollicis brevis
C. Adductor pollicis *
D. Flexor digitorum superficialis

3136. Structure passing through jugular foramen are all except :

A. IXth Cranial nerve
B. Xth Cranial nerve
C. XIth Cranial nerve
D. XIIth cranial nerve *

3137. Shortest part of male urethra is :

A. Prostatic
B. Membranous *
C. Penile
D. Spongiosa

3138. Largest cranial nerve is :

A. Facial
B. Trigeminal *
C. Glosspharyngeal
D. Vagus

3139. Pain sensitive structure in brain is :

A. Dura *
B. Pia
C. Arachnoid
D. Blood vessels

3140. Maximum acidification of urine occurs in :

A. Proximal convoluted tubule *
B. Loop of henle
C. Collecting tubule
D. Distal convoluted tubule