3161. C/F of Vitamina A deficiency :

A. Xerophthalmia
B. Bitot’s spot
C. Corneal opacity
D. All of these *

3162. True about Diabetic retinopathy:

A. Related to glycemia control
B. Related to duration of the disease
C. All of these *
D. None of these

3163. Epitheliel lining of conjunctiva :

A. Sq. Non Keratinized *
B. Sq. Keratinized
C. Columnar
D. Transitional

3164. Treatment of amblyopia:

A. Spectacles
B. Correction should be done before 6 years
C. No Organic Cause
D. All of these *

3165. Corneal curvature is quantified by :

A. Keratometry *
B. Retinoscopy
C. Opthalmoscopy
D. Slit Lamp

3166. True about cross cylinder :

A. Half of the curvature is cylindrical
B. (+) lense
C. (-) lense
D. Both (+) and (-) lense *

3167. True about acute angle closure glaucoma :

A. Pupil vertically oval
B. Increased I.O.P
C. A C shallow
D. painfull Eye
E. All of these *

3168. Initial treatment of congenital Dacryocystitis :

A. Massaging
B. Probing
C. Dcr
D. Both A and B *

3169. DNA or RNA fragment which is radioactive or chemically labile to detect a specific fragment :

A. Probe *
B. Okazaki Fragment
C. Antibody
D. None of the above

3170. All are true about topoisomerase -II :

A. Separates the DNA and ligates them *
B. Initiates RNA primers synthesis
C. Cutt single strand of DNA
D. None of these