1471. Function of thalamus is ______________.

A. Relay center *
B. Pain perception
C. Pain localisation
D. Muscle tone

1472. Prognosis is related to incubation period in _________.

A. Cholera
B. Rabies *
C. Tetanus
D. Diphtheria

1473. Postural hypotension is not seen in _________-.

A. Antihypertensive drugs
B. Hypoglycemia *
C. Tabes dorsalis
D. Diabetes mellitus

1474. Extrapyramidal symptoms are usually not a feature of _______.

A. CO poisoning
B. Paralysis agitans
C. CVA *
D. Multiple sclerosis

1475. Sensory neuropathy is not seen in __________.

A. Lead poisoning *
B. Alcoholism
C. Beriberi
D. Diabetes

1476. Miliar mottling is seen in all except ________.

A. Aspergillosis *
B. Silicosis
C. Tuberculosis
D. Haemosiderosis

1477. Rib notching is seen in all except ___________.

B. Aortic occlusion
C. Coarctation
D. AS. *

1478. Early feature of hypothyroidism is _______________.

A. Low T3
B. Low T4
C. Raised TSH *
D. Delayed deep tendon reflex

1479. Carcinoma pancrease attains largest size when situated in__________.

A. Head
B. Periampullary zarea
C. Body and tail *
D. No bar

1480. Area of brain concerned with anxiety is ________.

A. Amygdala *
B. Insula
C. Hippocampus
D. Dentate nucleus