2771. Hyposthesia of posterior part of external auditory canal may be an early sign of _________.

A. Acoustic neuroma *
B. Trigemninal neuralgia
C. Costen’s syndrome
D. Multiple scelerosis

2772. Sludler’s syndrome is characterized by all except _________.

A. Coryza
B. Miosis *
C. Pain of itching of hardpalate
D. Pain at root or nose

2773. The land mark on the lateral surface of temporal bone which acts guide to surgery to the antrum is ____________.

A. Trautman’s triangle
B. Suprameatal spine of Henle *
C. Temporal line
D. Notch of Rivinus

2774. Absolute bone conduction is shortened in __________.

A. Conduction deafness
B. Perceptive deafness *
C. Both
D. None

2775. Oroantral fistuala-flase statement is ___________.

A. Occur following dental extraction
B. Smaller ones heal by themselves
C. Sinus x-ray is of lenited value *
D. Surgical closure mst accompany sinus drainage

2776. Local anaesthetic used for nasal surgery __________.

A. Cocaine paste
B. Xylocaine
C. Both *
D. None

2777. Speech discrimination score is lowest is __________.

A. Cochlear deafness
B. Conductive deafness
C. Retrocochlear deafness *

2778. Aphonia of abductor palsy can be over come by ___________.

A. Tracheostomy
B. Speech therapy
C. Arytenoidectomy
D. Teflon injection to VC *

2779. Appreciation of sound occurs in ___________.

A. Organ of corti
B. Basal membrane
C. Cochlear nucleus
D. Transverse temporal olyurs *

2780. Submucosal resection is indicated in __________.

A. All cases of DNS
B. DNS with spur
C. Repeated epistaxis
D. DNS with constant nasal obstruction *